The best and the worst of teachers!

The best and the worst of teachers!
I think it’s safe to say that I was not a model student at school. However, there were occasional flashes of achievement and potential that I believe can be directly linked to how I related to a teacher.

I am sure that if you think back to your own school experience, there will also be some teachers that bring a smile to your face and others you may want to forget.

So what makes a good teacher? Well, for me it’s someone who really is passionate about the subject they teach and, more than this, has that incredible ability to work alongside learners and enthuse them with that same passion. They are the people who believed in you and helped you believe in yourself.

I guess the same is true for Bible preachers and teachers.

In my years as a Christian, I have sat through some pretty boring sermons. At times, I have even found myself phasing out and starting to count ceiling tiles. Other sermons have been so academic and over the top that, although I know the person is super intelligent, I just cannot understand what they are trying to say.

Still other preachers are exceptional at explaining the Bible but sadly do so in such a way that has very little relevance to my life. And then of course there are the ones who can share in a creative, relevant and understandable way but who offer me nothing new that I didn’t already know.

I probably sound super critical! However, it has only been through analysing different preachers that I have started to find my own style and therefore grow in my ability to share God’s amazing word. That is why I started this ministry – to help people engage with the word of God in a meaningful and relevant way.

I want to teach people, not just what is in the Bible, but also how to read it for themselves and share the awesome truths about Jesus.

A big part of this is also for me to continually grow, and so I have collected together a group of people to give me feedback on various aspects of this ministry and to come alongside me and be a part of this journey.

I would like to invite you to become a part of this team, by going to my website: becoming a subscriber.  By doing this, not only will you get access to exclusive content, including online interactive Bible studies, but you can also be a part of the team that looks for new ways of developing and growing this ministry.