About Me

I am a Minister of the Gospel, serving in the Free Methodist Church in England.

In 1995, I had come to the point where I was ready to admit that I was truly lost in life. I had some form of faith in Christ, but it lacked any power to help me live the abundant life that is promised in scripture.

Through a series of random events, I ended up sitting in a Methodist church in South Africa, and took the decision to truly give my heart to Jesus.

Soon after this, things began to change. The more I learned about the Christian faith, and modelled my life on what I was learning, it felt like I was emerging from a deep dark hole into the most marvellous light.

A wonderful miracle also happened the first time I went to church… I sat behind my future wife. Today we have been married for many years, and have three wonderful children.

I was initially reluctant about becoming a minister, but felt strongly convicted that this was a calling from God. Today, through the Holy Spirit, I have grown in my dual spiritual gifts of prophetic and teaching.

In 2006 I followed a calling to move to England.  I now live in Cheshire, where I pastor a growing Christian community.

My Mission

I have created this website to share my insights into the Bible, particularly the book of Revelations, to help people get a deeper understanding of God’s word and the role it has to play in our daily lives.