Inspiration, observation and perspiration

Inspiration, observation and perspiration

Preparing a message

When it comes to teaching, there are so many different places to teach in the church, whether it be through sermons, Bible studies, youth and children’s ministries, newsletters or even through the songs we choose to sing each Sunday.

So how do I prepare a message? Well, for me there are the three components of inspiration, observation and perspiration.


Because the starting point when I am preparing a message is to pray and listen to the Holy Spirit who will guide me on what to preach. This is always quite an adventure and, when you are preaching multiple times in a week, it can be rather stressful. Sometimes I get an idea early in the week, sometimes right before I preach, but the Holy Spirit always comes through.

Key to this is your own spiritual health. If you are not in a good place spiritually, then this process becomes so much harder. You must invest in your own spiritual wellbeing. This first step of inspiration is the most important part of preparing a message.


We live in a world and we do not preach into a vacuum. Ask yourself what is going on in the world, what are the questions people might have and where they could be  struggling in their own journey. I love having conversations with people and, while I do, I am constantly listening, listening and listening.

There are times when I even ask people about the questions they have, especially children who often have some very deep questions. The key here is to bring the word of God to bear on the needs and issues that the world is wrestling with.


Preaching involves hard work and sweat. I often preach without notes, however I am certainly not preaching off the cuff as I have done loads of work to look relaxed and comfortable.

This includes studying, developing the sermon, looking for interesting illustrations, working out a logical flow with a good beginning and end and then practising. Sometimes, I lie awake for hours going through a sermon in my head so that I can be the best I can possibly be in the pulpit.

What are the tips and tricks that you use to develop your message? Please share them with me on my website